Pinapple veg stirfry ft. a pinch of tofu and noodles

Let’s talk about pineapple baby ,



First of all yum ! ( I’m dehydrating some as I type right now ; p )pineapple-porcupine

Not only is pineapple delicious, it’$…. Well nutritious!

Pineapple is be an antioxidant with a high vitamin c content. They help support the immune system ( due to V . C )  pineapples contribute to bone strength and are great for those with joint pain , they can also help reduce macular degeneration!! That’s right , Gram’ s and Gramp’s eat your pineapple!  ; p

Pineapples are one of the fruits that perfectly compliment / star in a savory dish B ) and so I’ve made this simple stirfy that really showcases that delicious nutritious pineapple!!


pineapple smiles                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      <- who are these guys? … they really do enjoy pineapple

Whatcha gonna need….

– 1pineapple ( or half, you can buy half a pineapple if its all you need)

– 2 mushrooms

– fresh thyme

-2 cloves of garlic

– 2 handfuls of baby carrots cut in half lengthwise

– 8 leaves of nappa cabbage washed and diced . ( btw , wash everything… Obviously)

– egg free ‘ vegetarian’ chow mein noodles ( sounds specific , but lots of store near me carry them : ) … But use whatever’s clever for you! Wheat free? Avoiding carbs’? Try carrot noodles or zucchini noodles)

– 1/3 cup of tofu – Why tofu? Why not? … Everything in moderation and it certainly does not ‘make’ the dish… So leave it out if thee likes.


Sautée the pineapple in a frying pan coated with coconut oil . aadd in chopped garlic and fresh thyme. Add chopped mushrooms , tofu( or cashews? ) and 1/3 cup of water reduce the heat and cover for 2 minutes. toss in carrotsand cabbage . Prepare noodles  in a separate pot, with a pinch of seasalt. Keep an eye on the stir fry , stirring occasionally. As the noodles are finished, mix together and ready to serve.





Again simple, but simply delicious! Let the flavor of the pineapple season your dish, trust me it’ll be delish! Hah  aaannnd that’s my cue to exit folks!

Thanks for reading, tasting and HOPEFULLY learning something ; p



MMMmmMMmm… Quinoa stuffed Portobello


Enjoy : )

I’m back baby!!!

Hi friends! I’m back with more mouth watering recipes to share with you ; p

Quinoa stuffed portobello ( All the single ladies  portion size..)

1 Portobello mushroom

2 heirloom carrots peeled and chopped

1/2 cup of quinoa cooked

1 clove of garlic

1 splash of braggs liquid soy ( or soya sauce)

1-2 sprigs of thyme ( dry thyme 1.5 teaspoons)

1 handfull of greens ( I used mixed greens , you can use  spinach kale…. whatever’s clever)


Hey Portobellos ,

You so fine , you  blow my mind.  Portobellos.

Portobellos  have a higher nutritional value than you might think! Not only are they low in fat ,  they contain a balance of protein and carbs : )

Not to mention a decent amount of vitamin B… Now that’s my kind of Fungus!

….On to the Recipe

Easy peasy

Wash your portobello and remove the stem ( chop into the mix) Set aside for now.

In a pot or rice cooker add the quinoa, garlic, thyme and veggies. cook until the quinoa opens into little curly Q’s .

Remove any excess water ( don’t forget mushrooms retain water)

Place the portobello in a cooking pan greased with coconut oil. Add a splash of braggs to the centre of the shroom , then carefully spoon in the quinoa veggie mix.

place in oven at 300 for about 20-25 minutes


Ready to mange!

Stay Hungry my friends : D

Creamy avocado dressing




1  ripe avocado

1 3/4 cups of oil (olive, veetable , saffron or coconut)

2 table spoons of sesame oil

1-2 small  cloves  of garlic

Super easy friends!

Combine all ingredients in a blender and blend until a smooth consistency is achieved!

Jazz up salads , andy vegetables really…  or as shown in the picture bellow, I have added it to THE DOUGGIE BURGER  Super delicious!



Merry Mango Melange Salade


delectable combination

red onion 1/2

fresh cilantro 4-5 stalks

blueberries 2 hand fulls

mango 1/2

Brussels sprouts( chopped) 4-5

tomato 1-2

1 clove of garlic

lime juice a few splashes

olive oil 2 tbls

white vinegar 2 table spoons


Wash and cut up the brussels sprouts into thin strips , toss in a bowl. Wash and chop up red onion, tomatoes and mango and add to the bowl.

remove the leaves from the cilantro , wash and chop.

In a separate bowl and the olive oil , vinegar and lime juice ( plus some salt to taste if desired.) mix and toss in the rest of the fruits and veg.


Ready to serve as a side or double up and enjoy yourself a nice big and refreshing  salad!


Good Green Gravies …that’s a Good Smoothie!

Smoothie time!



Toss the following items into a blender….

raspberries 1 hand full
half frozen bannana ( you only need half)
handfull of chopped kale
cacao nibs (2 table spoons)
almondmilk ( enough to cover


IMG_4958As always friends…. use your noggin’ !

When blending something tougher like KALE… you want to make sure to have lots of liquid. Suggestion! – Kale first…..add about half a cup of the almond milk  and blend until a smooth ish consistency is achieved. Now fire in the rest of the ingredients.

Why frozen banana?  Well for starters, if you buy more bananas than you can reasonably consume( me)  before spoilage occurs… freeze them and they will keep until you’re ready to eat. : )

A whole banana counts for two servings of fruit , therefore only using half reduces the caloric intake of your smoothie. Secondly  If you’re making a smoothie for one using half the banana will stretch your food budget( cuz bananas are sssssoooooo expensive ..eyeroll i’m sure , but hey when you’re low on funds every penny counts right?)

And last but not least adding frozen banana ensures a nice extra cold and delicious smoothie!!

Keep it smoove ; p


Spicy plantain and oat “sausage”

2 PLantain
1 shallots
1/3 red hot pepper
black pepper to taste
salt to taste
coconut oil
garlic 2 cloves

IMG_4942 IMG_4948 IMG_4946

add 1/2 a cup of oats, and 1/4 cup of flax seeds to a bowl slowly stir in water until a smooth consistency is achieved. Set aside to thicken. ( add in thyme, salt and pepper)
In a pan sautee the shallots, hot pepper and garlic in coconut oil on med-high heat. Once they appear to cook down a bit, add more coconut oil.
It’s time to toss in the sliced plantain. On medium heat stirring occasionally until they start to brown.

For instructions on making the sausage please see the douggie burger. I used the same process, but changed the shape of the “meat”.

Ready to eat

how do you to pick a plantain? Depends… how do you like em?

-Choose semi-ripe plantains, which appear mottled brown and yellow, for a less sweet flavor that’s not as bland as green, unripe plantains. Deep fry thick slices in this stage.

-Purchase fully ripe plantains, which turn to a dark black color, for a sweeter taste.

-Consider buying overripe plantains, when their black skin assumes a white sheen. Although they appear rotten at this stage, they peel easily and taste their sweetest. When overripe, plantains turn caramel as they cook.

… I tend to prefer under ripe plantains but i’m weird… so use your discretion and choose what you like!

Criss Cross Apple Sauce

kriss kross apple sauce

Is apple sauce only for kids? No way Jose!

It’s actually a fantastically healthy snack we should all consider making a part of our routine! Member that cliche saying An apple a day keeps the doctor away?

Well there’s truth to that!

A great source of natural fibre and vitamin C,apples also help to decrease abdominal fat and enhance lung function! ( that’s right my asthmatic buddies, eat lots of apples!!)  By adding ginger, cinnamon and lemon; we’re adding an antinauseant, anti inflammatory, liver cleanser,antibacterial, antiviral, and immune-boosting powers !!!  and much more !  wwwooooot wooot!

Applesauce is generally calming for the stomach because it’s easily digested, relieves diarrhea, and provides calories. Apples themselves contain pectin (especially in the skin), which can provide roughage if you’re constipated. ; p


The healthiest applesauce is made from organic apples with the skin on and no added sugar.

Now lets get to the sauce ; p

(1 serving )You’ll need:

1 -2 med sized organic apples

2 tablespoons of lemon juice

1 tablespoon of fresh ginger ( or powdered)

1/2 tablespoon of cinnamon


It couldn’t get easier than this!  Chop all ingredients to a blender appropriate size ( I use a hand blender and need to cut the apples smaller to save the motor) and blend baby blend! Like a disco inferno

* you may need to add a pinch of water to get things going, just don’t add to much!!

Blend until an applesauce like  consistency is achieved.




Heirloom tomato quinoa soup


Here’s an easy and  tasty one for you friends .

Whatcha gonna need

– 1 pint box of heirloom tomatoes ( the lil fruit/veggie stand sells them )

-6-8 cellery stocks

– 3 cloves of garlic

-1 zucchini

-1/2 cup of quinoa

-1 tablespoon of ginger powder or fresh ginger

– salt to taste

Easy peasy…..

add the tomatoes, celery, zucchini , garlic and ginger to 2 cups of water .

bring to a boil.

allow to chill ** the freezer helps to speed up the chillin’ process.**

Once chilled blend the soup with your trusty hand blender and blend that puppy to a nice smooth consistency.

Now we add the quinoa and bring the soup back up to a boil. This will cook the quinoa in with the soup. Make sure to keep an eye on it and stir as needed.

You may find you need to add a little more water…go for it! can’t hurt ; p

Once all the little quinoa grains have opened up … you’re ready to eat!!



Creamy Spinach and Mushroom Croissants

“Hello Valued Consumer:

Thank you for contacting Pillsbury with your inquiry.

In the Original Crescent rolls, the DATEM is not sourced from an animal. There are not any ingredients in the Original Crescent rolls sourced from an animal.
We hope you find this information helpful. Please let us know if we can help you again.

Thank you,
Jennifer Garrett
Customer Care Specialist”

You don’t say!?!?!? 

Lets make some spinach croissants!
pillsbury collage 1.5

* Yields 8


1 pillsbury crescent roll tube

1/2 a bundle of spinach washed and chopped

1/4 cup of tahini

2 cloves of garlic

4-5 mushrooms

olive oil or any oil of choice

Braggs liquid soy  or soy sauce

2 splashes of water


Preheat your oven to 375

* If you have never worked with this dough before it needs to be kept refrigerated up until use.  Exposure to air makes it delicate, but don’t worry they don’t have to be perfect!

Unroll the dough carefully , trying not to stretch the dough too much! It’s perforated  so the “hard part” is all done for you.  : )

Separate the triangles and place them on a greased cookie sheet.

toss all other ingredients into a blender making sure to evenly disperse the liquids , and to add the spinach bits at a time to save your blenders motor.

Blend until a creamy paste is achieved. ** Be careful the mixture doesn’t end up too thin. — if it does, you can always add more spinach to hopefully thicken it up.

We’re ready to go!!

Place one and a half dollops  of the mixture onto the larger end of each dough triangle , and loosely roll to the small point.

The oven is ready to go ! Toss ’em in for 10-12 minutes and get ready to enjoy!!




Down here…

Do you have a sweet tooth?

Know what else you can do?

Oh you know that’s right!! Chocolate croissants!!


* click the pick to find out more  about enjoy life products!*


Simply add 4-5 pieces of chocolate chunks  to the larger end of each triangle , bake at the same time and temperature and that’s it!

** If you like … try making half of each some savoury, some sweet! **

Bon appetit!

Yala yummy smoothie

Hey friends! here’s a quickie  for you ; p

I bought some fresh berries on sale and froze them! I highly recommend doing it, especially when produce isn’t the best this time of year.

I’ve added cacao nibs to this recipe , a superfood that’s even better for you than dark chocolate!! What are they?

Basically cacao nibs are cacao beans with less processing. ( roasted and removed from the husks, that’s it)  Because they’re not as sweet as chocolate they are quite versatile and can be added to many baked goods and smoothies .

I will let you know when I come up with other uses. ; p

If you’ve never had a Chinese pear, you’re in for a treat! They’re great in smoothies as they retain a lot of water.

Let’s do this

My breakfast smoothie


2 handfulls of froszen or fresh blueberries

150 ml of almondmilk ( enough to cover the fruit)

1 Yala  pear/apple aka Chinese pear ( never had one? sooo delicious ! )

2 table spoons of  Cacao nibs