“caesar” Salad w tempeh

MMMMmmmmm… looks good doesn’t it?! : P

I’ve never had caesar salad , but i’m told this tastes quite close to the real deal!  So for those of you missing that creamy  tangy salad … this recipe is for you! ( i’m quite positive it is  also wwwaayyy less fattening )

So i’ve made croutons…. for those  who say bread isn’t vegan  i have a few words…

Veganism is opposition to the consumption and commodification of animals.

It has nothing to do with eating “living things”.ALL PLANTS ARE LIVING, TOO!!

Yeast is a FUNGI, which is separate from Animalia. Furthermore Vegans “can” eat whatever they choose to! Real people, just like everyone else!  They just happen to choose to abstain from animal products. Bacteria , last time I checked, are not animals. Not all bread contains yeast and most do not contain milk or eggs… just read the ingredients .



Cut  up the bread into small squares and  add seasoning of your choice!  garlic is always a good choice ; p  I have added PC blue menu roasted garlic dried spice mix : D it’s delicious!  i’ve done my croutons in a pan  but they can certainly be baked for those of you lucky people with a functional oven!  whilst they are toasting away in the pan … I washed my lettuce. I chose to use a  mix of kale and baby spinach,which makes a nice crunchy mix! Don’t forget to remove the vain from the kale. I also like to chop my kale    into smaller more manageable pieces.

in between checking on my croutons I start making up the dressing!  tahini , lemon juice, garlic ,mustard ( my mustard is infused with chardonnay because i’m fancy like that , however if yours doesn’t you will need to add 2 splashes of white vinegar to give it that tangy flavour!) green onions (for fun, not crucial) and salt and pepper to taste.

Don’t burn your croutons !

It’s best to make a  small amount – here’s my loose measurements

– 4 tblspoons of tahini

– a few splashes of lemon

-2 squirts of mustard

-1-2  cloves of garlic

Mix and taste…. add more pepper than salt

Massage the greens into the dressing

*I’ve added some yellow green beens for extra crunch and half an avocado. ( both of which are tasty add ons but not essential)

add in croutons  I’ve also  bought pre seasoned smoked tempeh which, I crumbled in.

Mix it up again and you’re ready to enjoy!

* tip try having the “bacon” and croutons warm! it’s delicious!


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Carrot and Zucchini noodle caboodle With almonds!

Hey!  Know what’s delicious?

I do!  Carrot  and Zucchini noodles!!! Yeeaahh I’m not sure what a caboodle is! But this is my interpretation. ; p

So  quite simple to throw together , Carrot / zucchini noodles are made using your everyday  vegetable peeler! These shaved ribbons can be prepared both raw or cooked (* although you don’t want to boil zucchini noodles..they will become mush!)  You can certainly give them a light steam , or fry…. or bake : D


Start by adding some green onion ,chopped garlic (1.5 – 2 cloves), chopped sun dried tomatoes and fresh time

.. if you have it ; p, into a wok or frying pan.

Allow those guys to get acquainted while you prepare the noodles. on medium heat.

Wash your veggies…. I peeled 2 carrots  for this dish and half of a zucchini. ( It made 2 small servings)

I like to do the carrots first as they can use a little bit longer in the pan. HEY you should be stirring!  don’t forget !

Stir the carrot and zucchini ribbons into the mix  and turn up the heat : )

This is a good time to chop up your final ingredient Almonds .. My lovely assistant kindly chopped up about a handful.

Add salt to taste if needed.

Sprinkle the almonds in and you’re ready to serve!

Bon Appétit

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“Cream” of Broccoli Bum Soup avec Dill


Yeay!  Broccoli bums! Save ’em for this deliciously dilly delicacy. : D

So I took a chance on this one… best decision ever!  Turns out dill in Broccoli soup is freakin’ fan taste ic 😀

To start:

Chop up the broccoli stumps into smaller pieces ( rough chop, doesn’t need to be too small… we blend later )

Put them into about 4 cups of water in a pot , Turn stove on high and close the lid!

Add half an onion , 2 pinches of salt, 3 cloves of garlic . *  I added some ground flax , not necessary though*

Leave to boil…

In the meantime, wash your fresh dill and rough chop into smaller bits. ( Stir it into the pot and close the lid)

Allow about 15-20 minutes of boil time ( until the broccoli stems have turned soft)

Leave to cool for about half an hour , add in  about 1/4 cup of tahini  ( tee heee knee )  While the soup is still hot allow it to melt in as the mixture cools.

***Tahini is an awesome vegan substitute! Tahini is a thick paste made from ground up sesame seeds and is used predominantly in Middle Eastern dishes such as hummus. Tahini is a great source of calcium,vitamins and protein : D ***

Once cool enough it’s  time to grab your trusty hand blender and blend to a nice smooth consistency .

and there’s  your cream of broccoli bum soup W Dill : D


Its Dillightful ; p

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Quick and Dirty Chick N Noodle soup

Hey… did  you get sick?? is this crappy weather giving you the sniffles?

Have my 10 minute “chicken”  noodle soup!! What what ; p

SO somebody’s not feeling  well so i decided to make him  cup o soup. Its soup er  fast soup er easy and soup er delicious!

Whatcha need : garlic (4-6 cloves.. im not kidding) Trusty soup broth and dried TVP( from my last post) salt

Noodles of some kind and I tossed in some green onion, not mandatory .

Start with the water a veggie stock ( I used a full cube) water was probably about 2 cups ( should have added more! don’t forget the TVP sucks up water!)  and salt ( to taste) , Tvp chunks and noodles too! Then chopped in the garlic and onion. Left it to boil on high for probably about 6 minutes or so… just take a look  and taste , you’ll know when it is done! I put the lid on to help speed up the process; p

AND That’s it!! deelicious!  If you have caught this yucky cold , take  drops of the dreadful oil of oregano, eat lots of fresh ginger and lemon!  We had a tea and a smoothie with these ingredients ; p  No way i’m getting sick!

And yes I will be doing another soup recipe with those broccoli bums yums!!!

Feel Better!! ❤


Easy chinese style rice

Hello Hello!

I’m doing my best to post these couple of dishes close together, since i’m trying to set a good example and  stretch out what’s in my fridge ! I like to try and trick myself into thinking i’m not eating the same vegetables every day ; p

So this dish is easy , delicious and you can add as many or as little vegetables as you like!  SO this was my dinner last night, I was in the mood for something, kind of like take out and who doesn’t love chinese take out!? I’m not sure this is a “healthier ” dish but it can be if you add more and different vegetables and less rice!

Rice : ( I used basmati, you can use black rice, brown rice  or even a cous cous or noodles! )

Rice is pretty standard in terms of cooking it; for every cup add 1 to  1 1/2 cups water.

( also you should give your rice a little wash first, contaminants do remain on even the best milled rice and the flavor is cleaner once  the rice has been washed.)

I like to throw in 1/4 of a bouillon cube. This brand  harvest sun Seems to be my favorite! They also have mushroom stock ( which is great for gravy… I show you soon! )

It’s also a great time to throw in your TVP ( Textured vegetable protein)TVP can be made from soy flour or concentrate, containing 50% and 70% soy protein respectively, and is relatively flavourless.It requires rehydration and flavouring, and so adding some at this stage is ideal , it will take on the flavours of your broth. Once this magical stuff expands , the result is a fibrous spongy “meat like” texture. hah it’s good I swear!  It just needs help in the flavours department… plenty where that came from; p

TVP is great, since eating soy in moderation is ideal. These bags cost me $1.19 and I have them for months at a time, they don’t expire and you can control how much of the stuff you’re eating! how much better could it get?

So…The lid is on the pot things are boiling,rehydrating and flavouring : D Now we toss in a few splashes of braggs(or soy sauce) and a careful splash of sesame oil. ( If you’ve never cooked with sesame oil or any specific ingredient for that matter! Do yourself a favour and taste it first! know how potent it is and you won’t ruin your dishes! ) Fresh ginger ( less then a palm full? chopped ) And garlic!  don’t forget the wonderful power of garlic~ It can be fresh or powdered, whatever you have kicking around ; p

Then I started chopping up some broccoli flourettes ( fancy  for small pieces of the tree like part of the broccoli)

Tossed them in! Found some corn in my freezer and tossed it in . Yeap I added frozen corn. The deal with corn is, it isn’t really as nutritious as… well think of it as a starch and not a vegetable, it be bringing different shit to the table. It’s higher in starch and sugars then other vegetables  and although it is a source of protein and fibre.. it’s not a good or “complete” protein. It’s like the Mc Donalds of vegetables , here’s my rule

I don’t eat it often and fresh is always better!

But Hey!  i’m making chinese fry rice! it’s supposed to be overindulgent.

That’s basically it though! Keep an eye on it and you’re good!

If I had more vegetables available : mushrooms, bokchoy,baby corn,bean sprouts, carrots, spinach,onions etc… many many possibilities!

Hope you like it!

until next time ; p