Curry in a hurry

Hello Hello : D

Today i’m going to share one of my simple curry sauces!

The dish I made included rice chickpeas and vegetables . You can use your own combination of veggies and protein ( although chickpeas are quite tasty!)

Must have ingredients include:

Curry powder  1 Tbs

Brags liquid soy, or soya sauce 2-3 splashes

Onions ( I use green)  a handful

Sun dried tomatoes  a handfulflax seed 2 tbs

Milk of your choice ( almond, coconut,soy,rice,hemp… whatever suites your fancy!) 1 splash

Black pepper to taste

Garlic 1-2 cloves


SO  .. in order to have a good sauce you want to start  by throwing in all the liquid ingredients! and have your heat on high. *** I also add water! you can do this  in place of “milk”***

I add in the onions, garlic,sundried tomatoes and mushrooms ( if you are using them… you want them to really soak in the flavour)

Add in the  rest of the ingredients

Once it starts bubbling Turn the heat down and add more water if necessary.

add in your vegetables.

** When cooking any sort of stir fry , layer your vegetables according to your preferred consistency…. for example  I like my carrots crunchy… they go in last  and dont cook for long.**

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Chocolate,Banana peanut butter smoothie. Chia!!

Hey wonderful peoples!  Do you have a sweet tooth? Maybe just occasionally … like me!

Here’s an example of a tasty, delicious … and yet nutritious afternoon snack : D Why do I advertise this as an afternoon snack? Because it contains


Yes! the awesome plant growing creature thing you begged your parents for growing up!! .. you didn’t? oh : (

Well ! You know the song anyways ; p

Here’s the ingredients…. but read on to learn more about chia !

Chocolate,Banana peanut butter smoothie. Chia!!

1/2 cup Chocolate flavoured Almond milk

2 Tblspoon  Chia

1 Banana

1 Tbl spoon of peanut butter

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Blend together and more or less almond milk if needed. Super fast,Super easy and Super delicious!!!!

The awesome power of Chia seeds!!!!!

Chia seeds  are a good source of plant-based omega-3 fatty acids, fibre and minerals. In other words they give you an afternoon pick me up and fill you up : )

***Psst.. they are also great as a thickener in both your baking and Savory dishes***

Control blood sugar

Protect the heart

Manage cholesterol

Protect against cancer

Regulate the digestive system

Boost brain power


WHen buying your chia seeds look for  NON-GMO, GLUTEN-FREE & RAW, if you can! : D  You can buy them at your local health food stores, loblaws has ’em , bulkbarn… you get the idea.

In case you were wondering if Chia pets  still exist/ wondering what to get me for christmas……WATCH THIS! 

Pain de Zucchini Aka Zucchini a la bread

Hello !  and welcome to me live on location at my sisters house (  to use  her oven 🙂

Zucchini bread

2-3 zucchinis grated with a cheese grater

1 cup of walnuts

1 banana

1/4 cup ground flax seed ( add warm water  slowly while mixing )

1/2 cup whole wheat flour

baking soda 1 tsp

baking powder 1 tsp

vanilla extract

something to grease your pan with , and an oven!

Grease your pan and preheat the oven to 375

add  water to your ground flax seeds slowly mixing , until a paste is formed.

in a separate bowl mix together all the dry ingredients

add the flax and banana to the dry mix  . Mix until dough like substance is formed

fold in the walnuts

bake for 25  to 30 minutes +  — until a knife can be poked in the centre  and come out clean!


And that’s it  super easy ! serve warm for tasty results!

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You’re vegan? That must be soooo hard! how do you do it?? what do you eat??!?

Hey dudes

This  is my response to this type of question that is asked, answered and heard( in my opinion) far too often.

You’re vegan? That must be soooo hard! how do you do it?? what do you eat??!?

My answer is simple, and delicious:

I love vegetables! I love the taste! the smell! the crunch!  the versatility!

….These are probably similar reasons , as to why people love meat and dairy! So what’s with the vegetables people???

Veggies are  actually the best, because they can be eaten by everyone! even i f  you ” don’t like vegetables”  you probably eat  and enjoy some!

I would say the real problem is  you  are  boring. Maybe not you specifically , but you as in most of you, lack creativity with your cooking!

Don’t blame vegetables for your laziness and inability to be inventive!

Think about it , you know yourself ( I hope)

you know your tastes ( I hope)

put  vegetables, fruits, nuts , beans,snacks,  and seasonings that you like together! wow so difficult I know!


as an example I’m going to show you my dinner I ate tonight, actually i’m currently enjoying it….. ( see above photo)

basmati rice with soya beans  and a pinch of salt

raw :mushroom slices,carrot and cucumber

brocoli( save the stems!  if you grate them with a cheese grater , you can make a slaw out of them!)  

Rapini sauteed in garlic and vegan margarine.

Some cooked, some raw, some hot ,some cold. I splashed lemon juice over the whole thing and it is  freaking delicious!!!!

I don’t feel stuffed  I feel  satisfied!

**  btw  lemon juice is amazing even on raw vegetables!!!


I hope this is a lesson learned for all you sometimes uninformed and sometimes uninspired  “meat a tarians”! Vegetables are what bring us together! hah

And with a few eye opening tips from me …. you’ll  really  learn how to enjoy the vegetables you eat!

Give Peas a chance!

***  specifically roasted garlic peas and wasabi peas ( throw a handfull in your next salad ! ) ***

and stay tuned for my zucchini walnut banana bread!


Sometimes when i’m cooking I like to make up new song lyrics ( related to what I’m doing) set to pop music….

Tonights was pretty good   , as embarrassing as it is i’m going to share it with  you guys : Beyonces single ladies

” If ya gonna do some steaming put a lid awn it  ,  If ya gonna do some steaming put a lid awn it  ..Oh oho oh ohohoh oh oh oh  ”  and so on

I know , I’m embarassed for me too! ……….Just try and steam anything now without  thinking of that … I DARE YOU


Until next time….

Forget what yo moms  said  and DO PLAY WITH YOUR FOOD!! : P








Coconut,Carrot and ginger soup!

good day  for soup huh?

What you need:  4-5 large carrots

Frozen  shredded coconut

coconut oil


ginger ( i used a big piece)

garlic  2 cloves

almond milk 1 cup

salt and peppy to taste <— read about almond milk benefits


pretty easy peasy guys!

Start by boiling the carrots , add in ginger , 1/3 of the package of shredded coconut , thyme and garlic.

put a lid awn it! it won’t take long at all. The point is to boil down and soften everything for blending.

once boiled stir in 2 tbls  of coconut oil and 1 cup of almond milk .

Allow to cool.

once cooled pull out the hand blender and blend.

ready to eat!



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You asked! I made “MEATBALLS”!

 Meat ball sub!

* I asked some friends to challenge me to re create their favorite meaty dish, and they came up with meat ball sub so here it is! Thanks for the idea guys!  Please feel free to leave a request in the comment box below!!

List of ingredients! Yes i’m going to do my best to list ingredients from now on. and I will slowly go back and do so for previous recipes. Soon I swear.

3 handfuls of walnuts -( I bought a no name bag from no frills and have plenty left over!)

1/3 of a bundle of fresh Thyme Washed and picked.( try for no stem but they will be blended together later)

1 Small can of tomato paste

1 Green onion

3-4 mushroom finely chopped

2 cloves of garlic

Bread crumbs 2 cups of bread crumbs

salt to taste

Coconut oil  0r Olive oil, or vegan margine etc of your choice. ( although olive oil should be digested raw , not cooked)

Start by soaking your nuts in water for at least half an hour, this will soften them and make them easier for your blender to handle.

Grab a wok or frying pan and begin with sauté ing the onion , garlic and mushrooms in your oil or margarine of choice.

wash and strip the thyme off its stem right into the pan. Seriously use a third or more of the bundle thyme is delicious and flavourful! Turn down to med heat and continue stirring.

Crack the whip on that can opener and dump half the can of tomato paste into a large mixing bowl.

Drain Half the water off of the walnuts and add the remainder to the tomato paste. Pour in the contents from your pan. * don’t forget to turn off the stove ; p

Grab your hand blender and blend the mix while gradually adding in the bread crumbs.

Keep blending  and adding crumbs until you achieve a cookie dough like consistency.

Take the same pan you had – pft! I wouldn’t wash it , it had the same ingredients in it anyways!

Turn your element on med-lo with your coconut oil ( a tblspoon)

Grab the dough like stuff and form little balls in your hands . Add them to the pan ( 2 at a time for best results) watching and flipping as needed. : D

So I think that’s it!  Those are “meatballs” as I see em!

Ah yes the sub! SO I’m not a cheese person and anyone who knows me knows that! I won’t eat anything that looks like or resembles cheese. So My version of meat ball sub was dressed as follows:

-Jalapeno and cilantro pesto ( home made … i’ll teach you sometime ; p )

– A few beets – Diced, cubed and cooked ( I’m not crazy I had made them the other day to keep in the fridge for moments like these)

-A bed of baby spinach

And it was delicious! He put mustard and ketchup on his! To each their own ! They are fun to dress!

I forgot to mention… this made 6 balls plus some left over ( which i intend to turn into a 1-2  bergers! )

And it was extremely filling .. or “dense”. So in that way I may have failed on the “sub ” part : ( ah well

They’re good On their own too! Try adding different things to spice them up! jalapeno, maybe a sweet and sour sauce could really jazz them up! ( although cut our the tomato paste for that  sweet and sour one! use maybe a bit of flour and water as the binding agent..I’ll make them sometime  and let you know )

So there’s some back to back meals for yous  guys  to enjoy!

Remember please leave me suggestions in the comment box bellow ! I love challenges : )



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Crazy Cabbage Cylinders!


you read that right!

I don’t make rolls I make cylinders!

So Cabbage is a great vegetable to be eating, vegan or no vegan. Great source of fibre and has proven cancer -preventative benefits.( more specifically bladder cancer, colon cancer, and prostate cancer)  It is best eaten raw or “short-cooked” or blanching which is a process of extremely light steaming , like i’m doing in this recipe!

To start I am making the mixture that goes inside the “cylinder”.

I boiled the rice on a separate burner , while preparing the rest of the filling , in order to save time. : )… hhhm must have been 2 cups? use your judgement based on how many you intend to make and how much rice to filling ratio- less rice is usually best, I made too much!

So  rice is going! ( 1/2-1 cup)

dust off a pan or wok and add in :

coconut oil 1 tbl spoon

First gronions  (green onions) , 1-2 diced tomatoes and  a few mushrooms , zucchini and any other veggies you might like! (* hint I added a few sundried  tomatoes to add to the flavour) Toss in some italian spices ( you know basil,oregano…or just buy pre mixed spices! ; p )

allow to sauté and start filtering in a few splashes of soy sauce or brags and a few splashes of balsamic vinegar.( more balsamic than soya sauce)

I like to add a tiny bit of water crank up the heat to high and cover with a pot lid for a few minutes to really speed up the steaming process!   CHECK YOUR RICE! it’s probably done by now!

Mushrooms are great for flavour retention …just like our next ingredient ! … Tofu! hand crumble the tofu into the mixture . it breaks apart very easily just by rubbing your hands together ( as you would over a fire…except with tofu in between your hands!) I used 1/4 of a block of firm tofu. ( try to buy organic if you can, it’s better for you)

Keep stirring the mixture – add in your cooked rice!

boil a separate pot of water. Once the water starts a jumping… add in full leaves of cabbage ( large enough to eventually roll with) one at a time for a few seconds each .

Next add the rice/tofu mixture to an empty leaf , along one edge and carefully tuck and roll. ( don’t worry it’s not really delicate )

… I sprinkled with some hemp seeds , which is lovely but not necessary!  and there you have it! ready to enjoy! : )





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