Try your fabaorite beans!

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mmmmm! mmm mmm!

I can’t claim this is my Faborite recipe , but It certainly sounds good to say so… and it turns out it tastes pretty darn good!


Curry powder ( if you don’t have any – cumin will probably do nicely)

fava beans

almond milk



black pepper


salsa ( or  chopped tomatoes, onions, jalapeno a pinch of vinegar)

rice cakes or any grain , noodle etc of your choice — I would suggest cous cous or quinoa  ; p

I started by adding curry powder and water in a pan,On high  . Next I added in almond milk, a pinch of braggs  , a bit of black pepper and  3 shakes of saffron. Turn down the heat  to about med.

allow to simmer a bit whilst you wash your faba beans —>  did you know fave beans are low in fat, high in fibre AND taste great!? Copper, manganese, and phosphorus are also key nutrients present in fava beans. 

Next I was a sneaky sneak and added in 2 table spoons of salsa.  why? … why not? It has tomatoes jalapenos , onions and vinegar. — I could have also added these ingredients in separately…You can do so if you wish!

I continued to stir and “spilt  the beans!” into the pot!  Next I chopped up some fresh spinach leaves and threw them into the mix — but not for long! Did you know spinach is best eaten raw .. or close to it?

Once I was satisfied everyone in the pot got to know one another better…. I turned off the stove and  placed my mixture on top of 2 rice cakes! … yes they did break a little  under the pressure, but  I  can definitely say it was a great idea! : )

Don’t be shy to add in more ingredients or put the beans over any number of  grains of your choice.

I should get going, I’m FULL OF BEANS! hah

Enjoy and please don’t forget to have fun with your food!

Have a pirate cookie for desert! you deserve it ; p


My thai!

*** SOrry to my non peanuty buddies…. this one ain’t for you!…. wait a minute! if you have soy nut butter or almond butter kicking around….. use it!! : D ** For those of you that can eat peanuts…. Presidents choice  blue menu makes an excellent  peanut butter called “just peanuts- Crunchy” peanut butter. It’s … Continue reading

Good Gravy! …. It’s more than brown and water

Hey dudes!!!

here’s a quickie for yahs!

I whipped this up last night, and  despite it’s lumpy looking texture, it tasted freaking delicious! I was hungry. I was impatient.

I can only hope that you will have more will power than me …. and make it properly!

What you need!

Miso paste

Veggie broth

fresh basil


whole wheat flour

flax, chia …. corn starch? yes you could use corn starch!

Start by boiling up 1/2 cup of veggie broth. spoon in a tbl spoon of miso paste.  Let it melt in and allow to boil. Keep mixing to help break it up!  turn down to med heat

next comes  a bit of flour… be more clever than me … add less , more can be added if needed!

sprinkle in your thickener (flax, chia .or corn starch)  -carefully mix and add in more as needed!

chop up your basil finely and toss in , along with black pepper .. to taste!  You don’t need salt!! trust me!

keep stirring ( use a whisk if you have one!)  add more water if needed!   you should be able to tell when it’s ready!

I put mine o ver sweat potato fries! mmm it was really tasty : )

but Gravy can be used on top of many delicious vegan delicacies !  *  I will  make a nut loaf  in the near future, and you’ll see what I mean!*

For now, enjoy!  and please stay  tuned for MY THAI STIR FRY!


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Orange thyme stir fry … featuring pomegranate seeds!

Hey peeps,

Peep this . I made this stir fry it turned out to be quite tasty!

I will leave the choice of vegetables up to you!  I had mushrooms, carrots, broccoli and celery …. but obviously any kind will do!  here’s the must haves….

Fresh thyme

half of an Orange ( juiced)

green onion

Pomegranate ( I used 1/2 and had the rest in a smoothie with the other half of orange! )

Start with onion and thyme, add in a splash of water to keep it from burning. Next I add in my mushrooms , because I know they absorbe the flavours very well . : )Juice in half of your orange and allow to simmer a little. Personally, mushrooms are the only  veg here that I want cooked, I like to keep the rest crunchy….. What that means is , once the mushrooms are cooked… crank up the heat and add in the rest. stirring and mixing . Just before you’re ready to remove the veggies from the pan, mix in the pom seeds.

Basically that’s it!

Orange you  glad I told you ’bout this?? ; p

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Layered Mexican dip dish delish!

Raise your hand if you hate mexican food! … Exactly!  of course you don’t!  it’s freaking delicious : D

Mexicasa es mi Casa

or something like that!  this dish is a little more time consuming , but worth it if you want to impress your guests! I wanted to try and make it similar to those layered dips  that contain hot and cold ingredients ( usually cheese on top)

So  I chose to make “sour cream” ,”salsa fresca” and “refer beans” …mmm! Since I dislike cheese and it consistency, I did not make or buy  a cheese- but I hear Diya shredded cheese works well!. I chose to grate carrots on top  for the colour and look of cheese .

WhAt YoU nEeD

Fresh cilantro

1 Jalapeno

1 box of cherry tomatoes ( i just like the look of them chopped- you can buy whatever kind you like!)

1 can of black beans



lemon juice / lime juice ( try using both!)

braggs liquid soy or salt of your choice

green onions

1 small  white onion

vegetable broth

almonds, cashews or walnuts … or all 3! ( unsalted raw)

miso paste

white vinegar

and chips or wraps  ** for wraps I would add some kale leaves. This dish is great because it made enough for  wraps and dip!

To make “sour cream”

Soak your nuts! I did a mix of almonds and cashews. Leave to soak for half an hour .

boil some water and mix in a bit of vegetable broth.. pour on top of the nuts!

add in  a hand full of  green and white onions

1 clove of garlic,

2 splashes of  lemon juice

1 tblspoon of  miso paste

3 splashes of vinegar

Drain some of the water ( about half) otherwise your sour cream will be too liquidy. You want the water to just cover the nuts.

Add all ingredients and mix with a hand blender, until smooth consistency is achieved. Put in the fridge for now : D

Salsa fresca

Saute a full clove of garlic.

tomatoes , white and green onions, fresh cilantro,sauteed garlic,tomatoes , lemon juice , pinch of salt,half of a jalapeno

chop your onions ,cilantro ,jalapeno and tomatoes  whilst your garlic is sautéing. add half of the garlic and  mix all ingredients in a bowl

Refried beans

Blend 1 can of black beans with a handful of cilantro, sauteed garlic ( the other half from the salsa)  , half a jalapeno, 1 tbs coriander and a splash of brags .

Blend until nice and smooth… heat in a pan.

** I had some chicpeas in the fridge i needed to cook up so I made another little stirfry of chickpeas,red pepper and celery. I used a bit of braggs and black pepper.***

It’s time to start layering , I personally enjoy the mix of hot and cold … so you want to make sure the beans … and stir fry are served hot  for maximum deliciousness!!

I recommend tostadas – they are  gluten free jumbo tortilla chips that come in many fun flavours!

Layer how you like! these chips are large enough to make little individual cake like portions, which could be fun and a cute presentation or just break up the chips like i did put a layer of “sour cream” on top followed by black beans , then salsa more “sour cream”  chick pea stirfry  topped with fresh slices of avocado and grated carrots for presentation.

And enjoy ! enjoy!  Arriba! ; p

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