Red and Green Christmas Tarts

Yule love these!! a ha ha ha 

SO I attended two delicious potlucks ( thanks everyone : D ) and  I would like to share my very different very christmas dishes with you lovely people ! 

I feel like vegan christmas meals are typically nut loaf ( which is tasty) or a tofurkey ( I also make a very delicious home made tofurkey– i’ll show you some time) 

But this year I wanted to be creative and avoid using a ton of  soy.  

And so I thought Red and Green.

What  chu  Need ( makes 12 3″ tarts)

Fresh cranberries

Broccoli ( chopped into flourettes)

portobello mushrooms


coconut oil



almond milk

green onion

sea salt

pie shells *  Our compliments makes accidentally vegan pie and tart shells! awesome!  – I do usually make my own crusts out of chickpea flour! mm! I’ll make them soon and show you! )


Pre heat the oven toIMG_1901

 Remove the shells from the box and place on a clean dry baking sheet IMG_1902 Once the oven is finished its pre heat cycle place the shells in the oven for about 5-7 minutes or until they are a little golden – they will expand a bit.IMG_1904

While those are “browning”…. grab a frying pan or wok . Chop and sautee 3 cloves of garlic and 2 portobello mushrooms ( or one large)  in a teaspoon of coconut oil. add in IMG_1898 andIMG_1896 and I forgot to take a picture of the sea salt … but just imagine how nice it would have looked!  : p  Here’s some mushroom shots instead

IMG_1894IMG_1895  whilst they sautee you may begin chopping your broccoli flourettes. What are broccoli flourettes anyways??!

Cut off the stalk
Cut the stalk off a head of broccoli with a sharp knife. Make sure you cut high enough so that large individual florets fall away as you cut.

Cut each large floret in half
Take each large individual floret and cut it in half.
Cut into quarters
Gather together the two halves and cut them into quarters. Repeat for each large individual floret. If you prefer larger sized broccoli florets then simply don’t halve or quarter each large individual floret.


   There you go! — anyways toss them in a pan with some more garlic and sundried tomatoes : D. I like to give broccoli a very light “fry” so that they are still crunchy and it’s better for you that way anyways : )



now grab that bowl with mushrooms in it! toss in 1 1/2 cups of almondmilk, 2 tbl spoons of tahini . chopp in green onions , black pepper and a dash more rosemary.

stir the mixture and  add in the broccoli/sundried mix. ( I also grated in some carrots  — totally optional)IMG_1907IMG_1903  The idea is to have the consistency of maybe a pot pie mix — creamy / liquid y . It will almost solidify in the oven : ) 

hhmm what else….


ah the cranberries!! I took the partially toasted shells and dropped IMG_1908  in the bottom of each… I then spooned the mixture on top and added one more  cranberry to the tops of each tart.

I baked them for about 25 minutes.. just keep an eye on them if the tops feel too soft they need more time : ) I trust your judgment  though … you’ll know when they’re done.

Turned out to be pretty cute! you can really see the red and green .

Oh and did  I mention It kind of tastes like stuffing??! mmm : ) 




Polenta et Saucisse

geeze where have I beeen?! busy working on my business!!

If you’re in the  Toronto area, please come by upcoming shows! 


Food! back to food!

WHat you gonna need:


sundried tomatoes

green onion

Tofurkey Sausage


pepper ( yellow or red)

green beans

lemon juice

hot sauce

olive oil ( not for cooking!)



Polenta is made from ground yellow or white corn that has had the germ removed. Polenta can serve as a main feature of a meal, as a side dish or as a dessert because of its smooth texture. It can be baked, boiled, fried or grilled, and it has a neutral flavor profile that makes it simple to adapt to your personal palate.

A standard serving of polenta has slightly more protein than a large egg

Read more:

Place your polenta in a frying pan with coconut oil . add in some green onions and sun dried tomatoes .

Continuously flip and move the little polenta circles around!.  Add in your sliced pepper and Spoon in  salsa ( 2 spoon fulls)- you can also use tomato sauce! or just sun dried!

add in your sausage slices. Keep mixing about… and you’re pretty much ready to go.

I served my meal with green beans.

the green beans were blanched- what this means is… boil the water dip the beans in and remove them. This is probably the very best way to eat green beans! lightly lightly cooked and crunchy!

I then tossed them in lemon juice, olive oil and hot sauce! delicious!!


and please do look forward to my christmas recipes! coming soon soon soon!!

Try freezing berries in your ice cubes! you can use juice or just regular water… it’s delicious and fun!