PB and Carob truffles … OooOoHhhHhh My!


Many variations of this same truffle can be made! SO don’t be afraid!! and add in what YOU  want and like…. what are you sheep?

just kidding ; p

My recipe is delicious so, feel free to go with it!

These are super easy, and i have to assume they are not as “bad for you”  since they are made using coconut oil and not heavy buttery cream or milk or whatever they put in those things!

Having said that, do not forget coconut oil is a bit of a diuretic… but the good kind: )  Coconut oil  has  a different  chemical structure  from other oils which  means that the body metabolizes it differently  making it more easily converted to usable energy.

Down to the work !.. take only 15 minutes btw ; p

* I must note that if you want to make this recipe raw you certainly can! Just don’t melt the ingredients together on the stove you can whip them up by hand or using a blender : ) I’ve melted the ingredients, since they hold their shape better**



2 tbl spoons Crunchy peanut butter ( i like the chunks .. maybe you don’t make choices that are appropriate for you! I.e. used almond butter or soynut butter )

1/3 cup cookie crumbs ( check the ingredients… dairy free are out there!)

2  tea spoons of Carob powder

3 tblspoons coconut oil

1 tbl spoon Agave, Maple sirop and or vanilla extract are options , honey could work too!

shredded coconut is also an option to add in.


Lets do this…

In a saucepan on low heat add in the coconut oil and peanut butter , allowing them to liquify a bit first .

Add in the rest of the ingredients and continually stir , making sure to add the carob powder last. Bring to a boiland remove from the heat.

Pour the liquid into individual moulds of an ice cube tray and allow to freeze.

Once solid, pop one out a have a taste! .. pretty delicious huh?

Super quick and easy , and they could fool any  chocolate lover!

These need to  be kept refrigerated, until you’re ready to enjoy them : )


**Coconut oil can give you energy, stave off hunger, and promote the stimulation of thyroid activity. ; p **

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……..But don’t worry I will be documenting good recipes as they arise! 

see yah later


Mashed parsnips and potatoes


So  I bought a bag of parsnips , and after pickling some … I had to think of what to do with the remaining two.

… And then I thought well why not make them like mashed potatoes!!

* I also had a potato in the fridge So i’ve added one, but you definately don’t have to!


2 parsnips

1/2 cup of leeks

2 cloves of garlic

1/4 cup of almond milk

a pinch o salt if you like ; )


Parsnips are great because they offer fibre , vitamin C, potassium and a little bit of protein! pretty awesome huh?

All i’ve  done is peel and dice the parsnips to help them boil faster. I did not peel my potato , however I did wash it thoroughly and chop it down to smaller pieces.

I added the garlic and leeks to the pot covered everything with water and allowed to  boil for  5-10 minutes.

Stick a fork or knife through to test !

Drain the water , add the almond milk and blend with a  hand blender , being careful since they are still hot!

They turned out to be delicious ! I pared them with some kale salad and some steamed edamame .


Potato ,Kale Leek soup

Potato ,Kale Leek soup


What chu need:


1 leek

1 med-large potato

5-6 stocks of kale ( i try to put the whole thing in stalks and all!  Since we are blending the soup the stalks will be easier to eat. However don’t forget to remove the stalks when eating the kale raw!)

1 handfull of green onions

2-3 cloves of garlic

1/4 cup of almond milk  ( for the blending stage o the recipe)

Salt and pepper to taste

IMG_2357 IMG_2356IMG_2355IMG_2352

**I’ve left the skin on  the potatoes  because it contains nutrients and fibre. One whole potato with skin contains 45 percent of the recommended daily allowance of vitamin C. The skin itself contains about 9 percent of the recommended daily allowance. I would recommend giving your potato a good wash , especially since we’re keeping the skin on.Potatoes with skin are also  rich in B vitamins. Vitamin B helps to synthesize muscle-building amino acids and healthy red blood cells. A single serving of potato skins offers 6 percent of the daily allowance of iron. Iron aids in oxygenating blood cells, improves muscle and brain function and prevents the onset of anemia!

Eeks! Leeks !  For starters..Leeks are good sources of vitamins C, B6 and K, as well as manganese and iron.Leeks contain polyphenols, which are strong  antioxidants ( which help fight aging!). They  protect the lining of blood vessels ( which decreases your risk for hypertension) They also contain a bioactive form of folate ( good for the pregos out there ).  Folate has been shown to lessen the concentration of homocysteine(  is a non-protein amino acid) in the blood. Higher levels of  homocysteine lead to an increased risk of  heart attacks,strokes, blood clot fomation and possibly alzheimer’s.

That’s all good news … now lets cook!

Add 4 cups of water to the pot and turn the heat on low.

Prepare your vegetables for the pot : wash, cut  into smaller pieces  to help them cook faster and to give your blender a bit of a break ; p

chop in all veggies and herbs and allow to boil.

stab a knife through a peice of potato  if the knife goes through easily and the potato has changed consistency you’re done!

Next allow the soup to cool. You may speed up the process by putting the entire pot in the freezer for about 20 minutes.

once cooled it’s time to blend  reheat and serve! : )

** The reason you want to cool the soup first is so that you don’t burn yourself when hot soup starts flying around!… trust me it’s worth it. : )

Souper easy : D