basily, sweet poteet and beet salad



2 carrots

1/2 zucchini

1 Sweet potato

1 small beet

2 gloves of garlic

Cooking oil/ vegan “butter” for the pan.

fresh basil leaves 10-12 chopped.

sweet poteet beet 1.5

STart by partially boiling both your beet and sweet potato. Leave the skin on , it will peel off easily once they are cooked

; p

Allow to cool for about a half hour. Wanna speed up the process?? stick ’em in the fridge , it’ll take half the time.

Now that they are cool enough to handle, peel off the skins.

Cut the beet,zucchini and sweet potato  into rough cubes.  ( You can do the same with the carrots… I chose to use my mandolin and make carrot coins.)

Grab a  pan , on med heat  add some cooking oil and chop in 2 cloves of garlic and a handful of fresh basil.

I’ve created a little video to show you how to cut your basil, but it wouldn’t upload : (

So I’ll o my best to explain. You want to remove the leafs from the stems and give them a good wash.

Then stack 4 or 5 leaves  on top of each other  now roll them into a cylinder. Slice your cylinder into small even strips.

add in your veggies .

You want to work quickly, so that the vegetables stay crunchy and slightly roasted.

Stir often for 5 minutes.

And that’s all!

I love it! … Doesn’t require salt : )

Serve Warm.


Warm Green bean salad



1 cup of green beans

1 carrot

1 handfull of chopped broccoli

1 tbl spoon  of zesty pesto

2 cloves of garlic

Chili flakes * to taste*

a few splashes of braggs

1 handful of diced cabbage

a few splashes of lemon juice

Grape seed oil ( or olive, safflower etc..)

wash and cut your green beans in half * dont forget to cut off the stems!*

put them in a bowl and chop in 2 cloves of garlic.. Boil some water in the kettle.

Grab the rest of your vegetables. Wash and give them a rough chop . * I did carrot ribbons, just because i love the way they look and the texture is great! ** If you have kids that “hate vegetables” I would suggest making them carrot noodles they won’t notice the difference ; p .


beans collage 1.5

I then added a tblspoon of my zesty pesto and a few splashes of braggs, to the roughly cut vegetables. ( you can use sea salt if you don’t have braggs)

Your water should be boiled by now so its time to pour the boiling water only over the green beans! Why? WHat’s happening?

We’re blanching the beans , meaning to slightly cook them. They will be nice and crunchy : )

allow the beans and garlic to sit in the boiled water for about 2 minutes.

Drain the water, being careful to hold onto the delicious garlic!

Toss the beans in Lemon juice grapeseed oil and chili flakes!! mmmmmm

Then we combine the two! give it a good toss and get ready to enjoy!! : D

You should probably try this…. mmmm



So what did you have for breakfast??? oh yeah… sounds boring!

Get ready to be jealous of my tasty breakfast, that could totally work for an easy snack too!

on to the greedients!

( serves 1)

Half of a frozen banana( trust me frozzen gives it an extra somethin somethin’ its nice and cold  : ) * you can also save the other half for the next time you make this ; p

1 cup of almond milk

1 heaping teaspoon of crunchy peanut butter.

1/2 cup of oats ( I used Love grown oat clusters…. as you can see from their site they have many flavours , the particular one i’m using is toasted oats with honey , agave , flax , vanilla and cinnamon! delicious!)

oats collage 1.5

OK super easy!

Toss your frozen banana, milk and peanut butter into your blender. Blend until smooth. * don’t worry frozen bananas won’t hurt your blender! I promise!

add the liquid to the oats stir it up and you’re ready to enjoy!!

SO, what’s the deal with breakfast anyways?? To be honest , I don’t often want to eat until 1 or  2 o’clock, I know it’s bad and so i’m trying to get my body used to “eating early”… in the long run it’ll give me more energy  and  probably make me hungrier through out the day… but small snacks often seems to be the correct way to eat anyways ; p

What’s my point here … i’m rambling….

Ah yes! So I wanted to share with you some reasons why  WE ALL SHOULD eat break fast!

-First of all Breakfast (  *love etymology….)  comes from the latin  disieiunare “to breakfast,”as in ending the cycle of fasting you entered while dreaming of …good things : ) And because of this eating in the morning increases the metabolic rate, which helps you to burn calories . Whilst not eating in the morning tricks your body almost into survival mode and the next meal you end up eating , your body tries to hold onto the nutrients instead of using and burning the fuel right away. In short , eating breakfast is clearly a good idea! It promotes a healthy metabolism and helps to burn fat.

…….. and don’t worry if you find yourself “hungrier” throughout the day… all it means is you’re burning more! : )

Let’s do it together !

Cheers To breakfast, the most important meal of the day!

Chick pea & lentil salad ft. mint & cilantro



1/4 of a small purple cabbage, chopped.

2 handfulls of spinach leaves chopped

1/3 of a cucumber chopped

1/2 of a yellow pepper

1 handful of cilantro roughly chopped

1-2 cloves of garlic

1/2 cup of dried chick peas

1/2 cup of dried lentils

lemon juice

grape seed oil ( or olive or safflower )

pinch of salt

foodblog collage 1.2


I started by hydrating the beans in my rice cooker… you can do the same in a pot of boiling water , i believe it just takes longer .

I tossed in a handful of lentils and chickpeas chopped in cilantro, garlic , mushrooms a dash of salt and  a sprig of mint.

Allowing the beans to cook takes a while, i made my bean mix yesterday and am finishing the salad today : )

whilst the beans are doing there thing… start chopping up your veggies.

I chopped in 1/4 of a small purple cabbage, 2 handfulls of spinach 1/3 of a cucumber and half a yellow pepper.

Mix the beans with the fresh chopped veggies  slowly splash in lemon juice and grape seed oil , to taste .

I like having crunchy vegetables in the dish since it adds to the fresh taste created by the mint!  but add in whatever you like!

And that’s basically it! a fresh crunchy, delicious and nutritious salad ! yum!