Super Summer Salad ft. Dill

Hey kids!

peep this…

I’m going to show you how to make the easiest tasty- ist salad … and guess what?!?! You don’t need salt! or Garlic!

Impossible right??


                                                                                                                              ………Say hello  to my little friend  Dill




Dill is fantastic!  I didn’t even realize before i started looking into it, but dill is actually a good source of dietary fibre, calcium, magnesium and iron. The seeds contain the most of these properties, which is usually the case anyways.  DIll has also been studied for its ability to prevent bacterial overgrowth! How cool is that? Dill and Garlic are like little buddies since they are both known to have  bacteria-regulating effects. Good to know!

So why am  i advertising this as a  dish without salt and garlic? I feel that these are easy go to’s in the kitchen! Everything is delicious with salt , garlic, hot sauce and for some of you cheese . I don’t think that has to be true! I don’t accept it as true, and i think you should give it a try!  Repeat after me


 “Fresh cooking herbs …I put that $@*! on everything”


Now lets talk about onions.

I feel like most people don’t know this, but it really is best to eat the full onion once it has been cut. WHy?  i’ll tell you why ! These guys become poisonous!!!

It’s true. Every had a tummy ache and are not sure why? Could be the onion. : ( Onions absorb bacteria, which is why they are great for cold and flu prevention. However think of them sitting around for a while… all they are doing is collecting bacteria!

Grrrrooooossss right?

I’m sorry , and you’re welcome! ; p

**Just try to use them up within  a day or two, i know it could be hard to do… I always do my best to buy the smallest onions .**



Now lets eat!   

This should feed 2-4  ( depending on portions)

What  you need:

1/2 a purple onion ( remember you want to try and use up onions as fast as you can they don’t keep well )

1/3 of a bunch of dill

1 cucumber 

a few splashes of olive oil 

a few splashes of  white vinegar

2-3 roma tomatoes. * or your favorite kind of tomatoes.


Wash all or veggies and herbs.

Give everything a nice chop.and place into a bowl * try to dice everything to about the same size , it’ll just look nicer.

mix while adding the olive oil. next slowly add in the vinegar, you don’t want to much , but if you poor bit by bit , you’ll get the right taste you’re looking for.

serve cold. DOne!

If  you want salt and pepper add it!  If you’d like this to be a little hardier and need protein try adding a l

ittle bit of chickpeas, tofu or almonds !  YUM




Who wants to split a peas of pizza with me?

This one goes out to you gluten free buddies !


I wanted to make a pizza.I don’t like cheese or fake cheese, and would rather avoid soy if i can… So i thought to myself, what can I use as a protein for my pizza, without using soy products. I started thinking and thinking … and then it came to me! what if the protein was in the dough!? ! : )

… And thus split pea pizza dough/crust  was born!

Split pea flour is naturally processed and has a high protein content, so you can feel good about eating dishes made with it.


What yah knead

Split pea flour  1 cup

chives  a handful * you can also use onions

avocado 1/2

seasalt  to taste

Almond milk 3/4 of a cup… add more as needed

garlic 2-3 gloves diced

basil 4-5 leaves rolled and diced

tomato 4-5 cherry tomatoes cut in half

zucchini  I did a few zucchini ribbons on top . * to acheive this effect you your carrot peeler , or if you like a cheese grater is a great way to shred zucchini. You can pretend it’s cheese!

mushrooms 1-2 sliced

**It ends up being more of a savory pastry crust, so it is best served hot **

I made a personal size, since I wasn’t completely  convinced my project would work, but believe you me… this puppy is filling!!

pizzacollage 1.2



Lets get to it!

* Preheat your oven to 450.

I started with 1 cup of split pea flour added a tea spoon of baking powder ,sea salt and a handful of fresh chives .

Slowly pour in almond milk, mixing as you pour * don’t worry if you add too much just add a bit more flour ; p. You will know once the flour and milk is mixed enough as all the dry flour will be gone : 0

Fun time!!

Cover  your hands in split pea flour and begin to knead the dough. * I’ll  be honest, I didn’t do much kneading, this kind of flour doesn’t really knead it : )

a ha ha ha

Form a ball with the dough and press it down on a greased baking sheet. Grab a mason jar or a rolling pin and flatten the dough into a small round circle about an inch thick.

I then placed the crust in the oven whilst I chopped my vegemables, garlic and herbs.

Remove the crust from the oven . Spread a layer of the chopped garlic and basil on the bottom with a dash of olive oil.  add on your veggies. I placed the avocado on after the pizza was cooked but if you do want it cooked along with the pizza, I suggest putting it on for the last 5 minutes only : )

..aannd Yeah   bake for 15-20 minutes, but keep an eye on it depending on your oven it may take less time.

Enjoy hot, enjoy a full belly.

And peas…. split with your friends

sharing is fun : D