Good Green Gravies …that’s a Good Smoothie!

Smoothie time!



Toss the following items into a blender….

raspberries 1 hand full
half frozen bannana ( you only need half)
handfull of chopped kale
cacao nibs (2 table spoons)
almondmilk ( enough to cover


IMG_4958As always friends…. use your noggin’ !

When blending something tougher like KALE… you want to make sure to have lots of liquid. Suggestion! – Kale first…..add about half a cup of the almond milk  and blend until a smooth ish consistency is achieved. Now fire in the rest of the ingredients.

Why frozen banana?  Well for starters, if you buy more bananas than you can reasonably consume( me)  before spoilage occurs… freeze them and they will keep until you’re ready to eat. : )

A whole banana counts for two servings of fruit , therefore only using half reduces the caloric intake of your smoothie. Secondly  If you’re making a smoothie for one using half the banana will stretch your food budget( cuz bananas are sssssoooooo expensive ..eyeroll i’m sure , but hey when you’re low on funds every penny counts right?)

And last but not least adding frozen banana ensures a nice extra cold and delicious smoothie!!

Keep it smoove ; p



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