Spicy plantain and oat “sausage”

2 PLantain
1 shallots
1/3 red hot pepper
black pepper to taste
salt to taste
coconut oil
garlic 2 cloves

IMG_4942 IMG_4948 IMG_4946

add 1/2 a cup of oats, and 1/4 cup of flax seeds to a bowl slowly stir in water until a smooth consistency is achieved. Set aside to thicken. ( add in thyme, salt and pepper)
In a pan sautee the shallots, hot pepper and garlic in coconut oil on med-high heat. Once they appear to cook down a bit, add more coconut oil.
It’s time to toss in the sliced plantain. On medium heat stirring occasionally until they start to brown.

For instructions on making the sausage please see the douggie burger. I used the same process, but changed the shape of the “meat”.

Ready to eat

how do you to pick a plantain? Depends… how do you like em?

-Choose semi-ripe plantains, which appear mottled brown and yellow, for a less sweet flavor that’s not as bland as green, unripe plantains. Deep fry thick slices in this stage.

-Purchase fully ripe plantains, which turn to a dark black color, for a sweeter taste.

-Consider buying overripe plantains, when their black skin assumes a white sheen. Although they appear rotten at this stage, they peel easily and taste their sweetest. When overripe, plantains turn caramel as they cook.

… I tend to prefer under ripe plantains but i’m weird… so use your discretion and choose what you like!


Cashew & broccoli Rump “Alfredo” sauce

cashew broccoli rump 1.5


2/3 of a cup of cashews

1/2 cup of  almond milk

oregano/ italian seasoning mix ( i used the mix , but regular ol’  oregano should be fine)

chilli flakes ( to taste)

sea salt ( to taste)

Black pepper ( to taste) — not toooo much! ; p

3-4 cloves of garlic : D

Broccoli stumps

whole wheat noodles

A spoon ful of coconut oil

Yields 2 smallish portions ( but i will say that you don’t want much in terms of left overs nut sauces tend to separate and become less enjoyable)

psst the best meat’s in the rump ; p  ( Simpsons reference )

While that may, or may not be true for meat eaters… it unfortunately isn’t true for broccoli : ( .. But fret not ! They contain all of the vitamins and nutrients of their bushy upper half they both contain the same amounts of fiber , minerals and vitamins however the flourets have about 7 times more beta carotene. So no big deal…

lets get to it

Soak the cashews in almond milk or water if you don’t have any… set aside while you get everything else going ; p

Wash peel and chop the broccoli bums.  I used a cheese grater to ensure all the bits get a fine chopping, it will be easier on your blender.

sautee the garlic in a bit of coconut oil, add in shredded broccoli … oh yeah this would be a good time to get your noodles cooking : )

Sautee the garlic and broccoli for a few moments, we just want them to be slightly cooked.

Once the aroma fills the air you should remove from heat. add the broccoli and garlic to the mixture of cashews and almond milk. add in salt, oregano, black pepper

now blend bend blend! 

You will end up with a wonderful creamy sauce ! give it a taste and add more spices as needed : )

I’m alfredo It won’t taste like cheese, because i hate cheese… but it will be nutty and delicious!

Pour over the pasta, noodles of your choice and that’s it baby!