Creamy avocado dressing




1  ripe avocado

1 3/4 cups of oil (olive, veetable , saffron or coconut)

2 table spoons of sesame oil

1-2 small  cloves  of garlic

Super easy friends!

Combine all ingredients in a blender and blend until a smooth consistency is achieved!

Jazz up salads , andy vegetables really…  or as shown in the picture bellow, I have added it to THE DOUGGIE BURGER  Super delicious!




Heirloom tomato quinoa soup


Here’s an easy and  tasty one for you friends .

Whatcha gonna need

– 1 pint box of heirloom tomatoes ( the lil fruit/veggie stand sells them )

-6-8 cellery stocks

– 3 cloves of garlic

-1 zucchini

-1/2 cup of quinoa

-1 tablespoon of ginger powder or fresh ginger

– salt to taste

Easy peasy…..

add the tomatoes, celery, zucchini , garlic and ginger to 2 cups of water .

bring to a boil.

allow to chill ** the freezer helps to speed up the chillin’ process.**

Once chilled blend the soup with your trusty hand blender and blend that puppy to a nice smooth consistency.

Now we add the quinoa and bring the soup back up to a boil. This will cook the quinoa in with the soup. Make sure to keep an eye on it and stir as needed.

You may find you need to add a little more water…go for it! can’t hurt ; p

Once all the little quinoa grains have opened up … you’re ready to eat!!



wild open sesame

SO delicious!

Did you know sesame seeds are awesome? !

Seeds, tahini, oil?  what can’t they do?

 This ol’ condiment contains copper , magnesium, calcium, iron, fibre, B1….to name a few benefits !

They add a special practically invisible crunch to many delicious dishes , and don’t get me started on sesame oil! Brilliant stuff!

** as a side note, if you have never used sesame oil before, I suggest you taste a lil on your finger  first, so that you can see how powerful it is, you really don’t need to use much!***

Kay  enough about that… SHall we?

What chew need :

1/4 cup of sesame seeds

4-5 mushrooms washed and quartered * we’re keepin’ em raw for this one

4 stalks of kale  washed and  roughly chopped ** don’t forget to remove the vine! We only want leaves : D

broccoli 1/2 cup roughly chopped

carrots 1 handful .. i used baby carrots which i quartered.

1 -2 splashes of Braggs

Coconut oil 1 tsp for cooking

garlic 2 cloves chopped

a container with a lid

Final sesame collage canada

Grab a frying pan. Blast the heat . Cover the pan with  water add coconut oil and  garlic.

The key is high heat , we’re trying to give the veggies a light steam.

Add the kale first allow it to cook down . Add the broccoli and carrots last to keep em crunchy.

remove from the heat and set aside

place the quartered mushrooms in a container ,

add a splash of braggs ( or soy sauce) and sesame oil.

Add in the steamed veggies .

Now make it rain with the sesame seeds!!!

I  say the more the better… but half a handful is plenty.

Pop the lid on the container and shake ! Make sure the lid is on tight ; p

 That’s it!  ready to enjoy!

Feel free to add some nuts for extra crunch and protein



PB and Carob truffles … OooOoHhhHhh My!


Many variations of this same truffle can be made! SO don’t be afraid!! and add in what YOU  want and like…. what are you sheep?

just kidding ; p

My recipe is delicious so, feel free to go with it!

These are super easy, and i have to assume they are not as “bad for you”  since they are made using coconut oil and not heavy buttery cream or milk or whatever they put in those things!

Having said that, do not forget coconut oil is a bit of a diuretic… but the good kind: )  Coconut oil  has  a different  chemical structure  from other oils which  means that the body metabolizes it differently  making it more easily converted to usable energy.

Down to the work !.. take only 15 minutes btw ; p

* I must note that if you want to make this recipe raw you certainly can! Just don’t melt the ingredients together on the stove you can whip them up by hand or using a blender : ) I’ve melted the ingredients, since they hold their shape better**



2 tbl spoons Crunchy peanut butter ( i like the chunks .. maybe you don’t make choices that are appropriate for you! I.e. used almond butter or soynut butter )

1/3 cup cookie crumbs ( check the ingredients… dairy free are out there!)

2  tea spoons of Carob powder

3 tblspoons coconut oil

1 tbl spoon Agave, Maple sirop and or vanilla extract are options , honey could work too!

shredded coconut is also an option to add in.


Lets do this…

In a saucepan on low heat add in the coconut oil and peanut butter , allowing them to liquify a bit first .

Add in the rest of the ingredients and continually stir , making sure to add the carob powder last. Bring to a boiland remove from the heat.

Pour the liquid into individual moulds of an ice cube tray and allow to freeze.

Once solid, pop one out a have a taste! .. pretty delicious huh?

Super quick and easy , and they could fool any  chocolate lover!

These need to  be kept refrigerated, until you’re ready to enjoy them : )


**Coconut oil can give you energy, stave off hunger, and promote the stimulation of thyroid activity. ; p **

2 weeks until the green living show!! I may or may not be posting for a bit .. again since I am gearing up for the green living show.!!! Come check it out! I will be selling my revamped clothing and accessories   Friday – Sunday April 12-14th! Super exciting . ; p

……..But don’t worry I will be documenting good recipes as they arise! 

see yah later

Mashed parsnips and potatoes


So  I bought a bag of parsnips , and after pickling some … I had to think of what to do with the remaining two.

… And then I thought well why not make them like mashed potatoes!!

* I also had a potato in the fridge So i’ve added one, but you definately don’t have to!


2 parsnips

1/2 cup of leeks

2 cloves of garlic

1/4 cup of almond milk

a pinch o salt if you like ; )


Parsnips are great because they offer fibre , vitamin C, potassium and a little bit of protein! pretty awesome huh?

All i’ve  done is peel and dice the parsnips to help them boil faster. I did not peel my potato , however I did wash it thoroughly and chop it down to smaller pieces.

I added the garlic and leeks to the pot covered everything with water and allowed to  boil for  5-10 minutes.

Stick a fork or knife through to test !

Drain the water , add the almond milk and blend with a  hand blender , being careful since they are still hot!

They turned out to be delicious ! I pared them with some kale salad and some steamed edamame .


Easy Breakfast “muesli”


WWVD   for breakfast?

well  although we are not as limited as most people might believe, vegan or no vegan oatmeal is a great way to start the day!

So this is  something  I tried this morning ( prepared over night) but absolutely loved!

Did you know that you don’t have to cook your oatmeal?

I put  a portion of  rolled oats into a tupperware and added  a hand full of dried cranberries  , some chia seed as well as some fresh blackberries.

( add whatever you like!  … ** if you want banana wait til the morning to add it in ** : )

I then covered the mix with almond milk… you really want to put in a fair amount! make sure the almond milk covers everything!!

Leave it in the fridge over night

…..and booom!  

you have a tasty,healthy and  wonderfully filling  breakfast all ready for you in the morning . : )

IMG_2341 IMG_2340

The idea comes from an old swiss breakfast idea ;  muesli which is typically made with yogurt, oats and berries. This recipe was invented in the 1900s  before pasteurisation and refrigeration  became commonly available . At this time the oats were also soaked overnight in water to ensure they would become soft enough to eat.

You can definitely do so  in lu of a milk substitute ; with water or even juice to give a sweeter flavour!

You can definitely use a yogurt substitute… or the real deal if that’s part of your diet.

This is just  an example of an easy and satisfying vegan breakfast option.

Stay tuned as I will be introducing more interesting breakfast  suggestions : ) … after all It really is the most important meal of the day.

Not to get too hippy on yah  , but i’d like to share with you  an old proverb I learned from a wise yogi that helps to remember the importance.

” Have breakfastyourself; share lunch with your friend; and give dinner to your enemy.”

* Here’s a great chart highlighting  dairy free sources of calcium! … OoOoOo look what’s on there! ..Oatmeal ; p *

dairy free ways to get calcium

Das brussel sprouts mit wein

This gallery contains 5 photos.

Brussal sprouts some love ’em some hate em’ … but why?? I think it’s gas … yeah it’s just gas  isn’t it? As a rule, foods that trigger flatulence are those that can’t be completely broken down in the stomach or small intestine. This means that partially-digested foodstuffs then make their way into the colon … Continue reading

Chilli con jalapeno


Bbbbbrrrr it’s chilli outside… time to get chilli inside ! YeaH!!

3-4 honking tomatoes – I tend to use a variety hot house, plumb, cherry… no magical reason at all ! In fact I haven’t noticed a taste difference , so no need to follow my example.IMG_2268

** For those of you that may be confused at the grocery store when you’re seeking “honking ” tomatoes… i’m using what the kids call slang. I refer you to Urban’s definition of the word

Honking: anything large, excessive, or otherwise disproportionate by almost any measure.* Aka Big tomatoes, lots of tomatoes!!**

1 medium sized white onion

1 Jalapeno carefully seeded and diced . WashHands After Handling Jalapenos!!   If you do not, and you end up touching your mouth, eyes or some other part of your body, you will soon know it, as you will experience a burning sensation!

IMG_2275  1 can of beans . I chose unico bean medley just for fun.  But all you boring people can stick with just regular ol kidney beans  or something lame like that.

2-3 stalks of cellery

1 carrot or a handful or babby carrots diced

1/2 of a red pepper

pinch o  black pepper

 a few dashes of “Italian seasoning” it’s a premixed jar I have . ( thyme  oregano, majoram, rosemary, basil, and sage) you can use any combination of these spices. I suggest basil or thyme .

uhmn I think that’s it!……

Oh yeah ** I added 1/3 of a cup of textured soy protein… totally not necessary but adds… texture!***

As always add, subtract and substitute anything you don’t like!


Start by dicing  your jalapeno into small cubes . Turn the element on low and add 1 cup of water  and chopped jalapeno.

rough chop the tomatoes and toss them in the pot with the lid on … turn up the heat.

add in a dash of italian spice, 3 cloves of garlic and chop in 1 white onion. let the tomato mixture cook down … we want it to turn into the consistency of chunky tomato sauce!

***** Do not  , I repeat DO NOT do what I just did!! rubbing your eye after cutting jalapeno is not fun , I was lucky it didn’t last long . If you do follow in my foot steps be sure to flush your eyes with cold water immediately , it will cool the burn and flush out your eyes … very important! *****  For realz that was a bad time. : ( 

IMG_2270  You guys are not my friends right now : (

So I’ve left the mixture to boil down.

and i’m taking out the veggies i want to add in. I have a little bit of zucchini left over that i’m throwing in for fun.

I’m chopping all veggies to roughly the size of the beans , which I will be adding in  last.– why?  well I don’t fancy mushy beans… at least not in this recipe!

you can definitely through in some soy meat at this point , I will be adding a little bit for texture and interest.

dice up the carrots and cellery and red pepper  ( i don’t have any corn but that would be a nice addition)

and last but not least the beans!!! I chose to use a  can of unico  bean medley , but you can definitely use dried beans ( if that’s the case you want the beans to go in first thing so that they can hydrate in the mixture)

put the lid back on and leave to simmer for 5- 10 minutes , checking and stirring every so often.

IMG_1120 IMG_2276 IMG_2278IMG_2116

Serve hot on it’s own or add some gluten free mexican tostadas  or a bed of kale. and have fun with your meal!

Red and Green Christmas Tarts

Yule love these!! a ha ha ha 

SO I attended two delicious potlucks ( thanks everyone : D ) and  I would like to share my very different very christmas dishes with you lovely people ! 

I feel like vegan christmas meals are typically nut loaf ( which is tasty) or a tofurkey ( I also make a very delicious home made tofurkey– i’ll show you some time) 

But this year I wanted to be creative and avoid using a ton of  soy.  

And so I thought Red and Green.

What  chu  Need ( makes 12 3″ tarts)

Fresh cranberries

Broccoli ( chopped into flourettes)

portobello mushrooms


coconut oil



almond milk

green onion

sea salt

pie shells *  Our compliments makes accidentally vegan pie and tart shells! awesome!  – I do usually make my own crusts out of chickpea flour! mm! I’ll make them soon and show you! )


Pre heat the oven toIMG_1901

 Remove the shells from the box and place on a clean dry baking sheet IMG_1902 Once the oven is finished its pre heat cycle place the shells in the oven for about 5-7 minutes or until they are a little golden – they will expand a bit.IMG_1904

While those are “browning”…. grab a frying pan or wok . Chop and sautee 3 cloves of garlic and 2 portobello mushrooms ( or one large)  in a teaspoon of coconut oil. add in IMG_1898 andIMG_1896 and I forgot to take a picture of the sea salt … but just imagine how nice it would have looked!  : p  Here’s some mushroom shots instead

IMG_1894IMG_1895  whilst they sautee you may begin chopping your broccoli flourettes. What are broccoli flourettes anyways??!

Cut off the stalk
Cut the stalk off a head of broccoli with a sharp knife. Make sure you cut high enough so that large individual florets fall away as you cut.

Cut each large floret in half
Take each large individual floret and cut it in half.
Cut into quarters
Gather together the two halves and cut them into quarters. Repeat for each large individual floret. If you prefer larger sized broccoli florets then simply don’t halve or quarter each large individual floret.


   There you go! — anyways toss them in a pan with some more garlic and sundried tomatoes : D. I like to give broccoli a very light “fry” so that they are still crunchy and it’s better for you that way anyways : )



now grab that bowl with mushrooms in it! toss in 1 1/2 cups of almondmilk, 2 tbl spoons of tahini . chopp in green onions , black pepper and a dash more rosemary.

stir the mixture and  add in the broccoli/sundried mix. ( I also grated in some carrots  — totally optional)IMG_1907IMG_1903  The idea is to have the consistency of maybe a pot pie mix — creamy / liquid y . It will almost solidify in the oven : ) 

hhmm what else….


ah the cranberries!! I took the partially toasted shells and dropped IMG_1908  in the bottom of each… I then spooned the mixture on top and added one more  cranberry to the tops of each tart.

I baked them for about 25 minutes.. just keep an eye on them if the tops feel too soft they need more time : ) I trust your judgment  though … you’ll know when they’re done.

Turned out to be pretty cute! you can really see the red and green .

Oh and did  I mention It kind of tastes like stuffing??! mmm : ) 





My thai!

*** SOrry to my non peanuty buddies…. this one ain’t for you!…. wait a minute! if you have soy nut butter or almond butter kicking around….. use it!! : D ** For those of you that can eat peanuts…. Presidents choice  blue menu makes an excellent  peanut butter called “just peanuts- Crunchy” peanut butter. It’s … Continue reading