Merry Mango Melange Salade


delectable combination

red onion 1/2

fresh cilantro 4-5 stalks

blueberries 2 hand fulls

mango 1/2

Brussels sprouts( chopped) 4-5

tomato 1-2

1 clove of garlic

lime juice a few splashes

olive oil 2 tbls

white vinegar 2 table spoons


Wash and cut up the brussels sprouts into thin strips , toss in a bowl. Wash and chop up red onion, tomatoes and mango and add to the bowl.

remove the leaves from the cilantro , wash and chop.

In a separate bowl and the olive oil , vinegar and lime juice ( plus some salt to taste if desired.) mix and toss in the rest of the fruits and veg.


Ready to serve as a side or double up and enjoy yourself a nice big and refreshing  salad!



It’s aaallll good salad : )


It’s aaallll good salad : )

I didn’t no what to call it …it’s delicious… gotta be nutritious… it really is all good .

Any ways ! So this is something that you may have seen me post similar versions of…

This is what I would call an example of where you can take a dish….

just by switch swappin’  adding and subtracting ingredients !! Super fast, easy and tasty!






  • Cilantro
  • half of a pomegranate
  • 2 handfulls of broccoli flourettes
  • 2-3 raw mushrooms thinly sli1ced
  • 1/4 of a head of purple cabbage sliced
  •  The juice of  1 lime
  • half  of an avocado
  • tahini
  • olive oil
  • a pinch of braggs ( or a pinch of seasalt,or soy sauce)

Start with your dressing


Squeeze the juice of one lime  into a large mixing bowl how to juice a lime

add in the fruit of the avocado ( hopefully it’s nice and buttery!)

a few splashes of bra

braggs and olive oil . Keep mixing until a nice smooth and creamy dressing is made.

The next steps are to add in your pomm seeds , broccoli, raw mushrooms and purple cabbage

add more veggies  add less it’s up to you…. just enjoy  : )