Creamy avocado dressing




1  ripe avocado

1 3/4 cups of oil (olive, veetable , saffron or coconut)

2 table spoons of sesame oil

1-2 small  cloves  of garlic

Super easy friends!

Combine all ingredients in a blender and blend until a smooth consistency is achieved!

Jazz up salads , andy vegetables really…  or as shown in the picture bellow, I have added it to THE DOUGGIE BURGER  Super delicious!




Merry Mango Melange Salade


delectable combination

red onion 1/2

fresh cilantro 4-5 stalks

blueberries 2 hand fulls

mango 1/2

Brussels sprouts( chopped) 4-5

tomato 1-2

1 clove of garlic

lime juice a few splashes

olive oil 2 tbls

white vinegar 2 table spoons


Wash and cut up the brussels sprouts into thin strips , toss in a bowl. Wash and chop up red onion, tomatoes and mango and add to the bowl.

remove the leaves from the cilantro , wash and chop.

In a separate bowl and the olive oil , vinegar and lime juice ( plus some salt to taste if desired.) mix and toss in the rest of the fruits and veg.


Ready to serve as a side or double up and enjoy yourself a nice big and refreshing  salad!


Beet leaf salad ft. fresh peas and raspberries.

Beet leaf me you’ll love this salad! !


Have you ever tried eating the leaves attached to your fresh beets?? no? why not? They are delicious and contain the benefits of the beet root.

You will need

-As many leaves you can salvage from the top of your beets

– another leafy green to mix in – I’ve used kale but you can use any other for ex add Chard and you can make SWISS BEETS !  hah ** in case you don’t know **

-1 cup of fresh green peas ….ssssoooo delicious!

– a handful of raspberries

-1/3 of a zucchini grated

-2 diced mushrooms

-* add a few hand full’s of nuts for protein*

-walnut oil

-lemon juice


So buddies…

It’s pretty straight forward from here…

Wash and Chop all your veggies..* don’t forget to de stem the kale!

mix in the walnut oil and lemon juice and she’s ready to serve!  You’ll be surprised just how much flavour the fresh peas and raspberries bring to the table.


Easy pea sy : )


Warm Green bean salad



1 cup of green beans

1 carrot

1 handfull of chopped broccoli

1 tbl spoon  of zesty pesto

2 cloves of garlic

Chili flakes * to taste*

a few splashes of braggs

1 handful of diced cabbage

a few splashes of lemon juice

Grape seed oil ( or olive, safflower etc..)

wash and cut your green beans in half * dont forget to cut off the stems!*

put them in a bowl and chop in 2 cloves of garlic.. Boil some water in the kettle.

Grab the rest of your vegetables. Wash and give them a rough chop . * I did carrot ribbons, just because i love the way they look and the texture is great! ** If you have kids that “hate vegetables” I would suggest making them carrot noodles they won’t notice the difference ; p .


beans collage 1.5

I then added a tblspoon of my zesty pesto and a few splashes of braggs, to the roughly cut vegetables. ( you can use sea salt if you don’t have braggs)

Your water should be boiled by now so its time to pour the boiling water only over the green beans! Why? WHat’s happening?

We’re blanching the beans , meaning to slightly cook them. They will be nice and crunchy : )

allow the beans and garlic to sit in the boiled water for about 2 minutes.

Drain the water, being careful to hold onto the delicious garlic!

Toss the beans in Lemon juice grapeseed oil and chili flakes!! mmmmmm

Then we combine the two! give it a good toss and get ready to enjoy!! : D

Chick pea & lentil salad ft. mint & cilantro



1/4 of a small purple cabbage, chopped.

2 handfulls of spinach leaves chopped

1/3 of a cucumber chopped

1/2 of a yellow pepper

1 handful of cilantro roughly chopped

1-2 cloves of garlic

1/2 cup of dried chick peas

1/2 cup of dried lentils

lemon juice

grape seed oil ( or olive or safflower )

pinch of salt

foodblog collage 1.2


I started by hydrating the beans in my rice cooker… you can do the same in a pot of boiling water , i believe it just takes longer .

I tossed in a handful of lentils and chickpeas chopped in cilantro, garlic , mushrooms a dash of salt and  a sprig of mint.

Allowing the beans to cook takes a while, i made my bean mix yesterday and am finishing the salad today : )

whilst the beans are doing there thing… start chopping up your veggies.

I chopped in 1/4 of a small purple cabbage, 2 handfulls of spinach 1/3 of a cucumber and half a yellow pepper.

Mix the beans with the fresh chopped veggies  slowly splash in lemon juice and grape seed oil , to taste .

I like having crunchy vegetables in the dish since it adds to the fresh taste created by the mint!  but add in whatever you like!

And that’s basically it! a fresh crunchy, delicious and nutritious salad ! yum!





It’s aaallll good salad : )


It’s aaallll good salad : )

I didn’t no what to call it …it’s delicious… gotta be nutritious… it really is all good .

Any ways ! So this is something that you may have seen me post similar versions of…

This is what I would call an example of where you can take a dish….

just by switch swappin’  adding and subtracting ingredients !! Super fast, easy and tasty!






  • Cilantro
  • half of a pomegranate
  • 2 handfulls of broccoli flourettes
  • 2-3 raw mushrooms thinly sli1ced
  • 1/4 of a head of purple cabbage sliced
  •  The juice of  1 lime
  • half  of an avocado
  • tahini
  • olive oil
  • a pinch of braggs ( or a pinch of seasalt,or soy sauce)

Start with your dressing


Squeeze the juice of one lime  into a large mixing bowl how to juice a lime

add in the fruit of the avocado ( hopefully it’s nice and buttery!)

a few splashes of bra

braggs and olive oil . Keep mixing until a nice smooth and creamy dressing is made.

The next steps are to add in your pomm seeds , broccoli, raw mushrooms and purple cabbage

add more veggies  add less it’s up to you…. just enjoy  : )